The new shredder for inter rows BGP Green FC series assures a great result against the growth of weeds in orchards and oliveyards.
With its new configuration we are able to work even in those fields where there is a minimum distance among the rows of trees and also where the bed forming technique is used. Thanks to shock absorbers the machine always touches the ground.
It has an independent hydraulic tank, installed behind the tractor.
The machine is available in two versions, one with an automatic hydraulic sensor wire allowing to move the cutting head sideways and the other one without this element.
Thanks to its installation in front of the tractor, it simplifies the cut of weeds.
In addition, the machine is equipped with the new BGP cutting head,that allows growers to cut the grass even where there is an irrigation system placed on the ground.
This solution is perfect for organic farming.


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 Operator Safety

 Less noise and less stress for the operator

 High quality cuts and possibility to cut big diameters

 The cut branch is not damaged at all

 Rapid healing and vigourous and uniform sprouting of new shoots

 Absence of sawdust that can harm the air intake and ventilation system of tractors

 No risk of infected pathogen transmission due to sawdust

 Reduction of labour and pruning costs

 Saving of fuel

 Minimum maintenance during the year


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